Learner Permit Requirements

Whats is required to get a learner's permit online in Colorado.This is the best place to clear all your queries regarding Colorado driver ed and online drivers ed.

Colorado Learner Permit Requirements  

The training required before you can apply for a license depends on how old you are when you start the process. Colorado requires teens to have a driving permit for 12 full months before applying for a license. You may view these requirements on the Colorado State Website:
15 Years to 15 Years, 6 Months 
15 Years, 6 Months to 16 Years 
16 Years to 21 Years 
Documents Needed:  
Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship (DR2460)
Affidavit of Completion/Completion Certificate for the 30-hour Driver’s Education Course, if applicable. This will be provided to you upon completion of the Driver’s Education course. Click here to sign up.